Bridging the SDGs

Bridging the SDGs: Background

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We want your thoughts and action-led advice on how UNESCO Biosphere Reserves can support you and your community to realise the Sustainable Development Goals. We will collate these insights into recommendations for decision makers and citizens.

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Sustainable, and inclusive development; where citizens are engaged in decision making and communities become resilient and thriving, delivering collective action and learning for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

UNESCO Biosphere Reserves (BRs) welcome local community participation and involvement. We invite you to offer constructive and action led ideas on SDGs and their applications. By getting involved your ideas can contribute to action, let others know what activities you are already working on, share knowledge with and learn from all sectors of society in ways that will inform the activities of UNESCO BRs across Europe.


UNESCO Biosphere Reserves are designated areas which strive to be sites of excellence to explore and demonstrate approaches towards sustainable development. They promote innovative approaches to economic development that are socially and culturally appropriate as well as environmentally sustainable.

The Lima Action Plan, which sets out a global agenda for UNESCO Biosphere Reserves for the next ten years, recognises the contribution of entrepreneurs and social enterprises (C6). Your ideas can help Biosphere Reserves better support entrepreneurs and social enterprises to create sustainable solutions and economic opportunity within BRs.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a global agenda which balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, social and environmental. This global agenda will only succeed if citizens are engaged.

OASIIS is an online platform which collates information on the contribution of businesses to sustainable development within BRs. It works to encourage sustainable economic development in and around BRs by showcasing businesses that work in harmony with Biosphere Reserves. OASIIS illustrates reinvestment in communities, resilience of local economies and the contribution of businesses to sustainable development:



What's next

We will collate your insights into a Community Insights Report with recommendations and collective wisdom for decision makers, as well as citizens.